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About Us is the hub which promotes photographers, upcoming models, voice over artists, makeup artists, illustrators, graphic designers, art directors, digital artists, calligraphers and all the creative people who have talent but don't have online platform to exhibit their talent.

Previously, photographers were compelled to use stock photography websites which exploit them by giving only 20% to 30% of the selling price and 70% to 80% taken by them. Young photographers were very much dejected and photography in youth was limited to only wedding coverage due to no charm in the true art of photography. This resulted in millions of pictures were neither got proper coverage nor able to be properly available for sale. Few photographers tried to create Facebook pages and websites but due to unavailability of proper traffic and funding they were not successful. is offering all the photographers to sell their pictures and get 100% money on sale of pictures. No hidden cost. This is the first time ever in the history that any website offering all the money to photographers and its members. This has given encouragement to the photographers and giving youth the confidence to stand at their own and keep the art of the photography alive.

This website will develop culture of buying pictures to eliminate piracy of photos which will result in providing income to the creative people.

Similarly upcoming models were normally given tough time and they need to work for free and sometimes get exploited. has ease the life of these models and have provided two options for them, firstly, they can upload their profiles here so that ad agencies or clients can reach them, and secondly, they can upload professional pictures here and can sell directly to clients without having any agent in between.

This site also bring good news for voiceover artists. Previously, voiceover artists doesn’t have any platform to show their talent. Now people who can do voiceovers, mimicry singing etc. have option to upload their voices and producer, directors, ad agencies and clients will directly have an access to them.

All the creative people have an opportunity to place their abilities on an international platform which will going to be the first international hub for all of these servies.

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